Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall is an English painter. She worked as a television presenter and reporter for the BBC for 15 years before moving to Berlin in 2000. Upon returning to London, she began studying Visual Art at Winchester School of Art (2004, First Class Honours) and completed a Masters in Painting in 2007.


Her art is inspired by her time spent as a broadcast journalist, and her work reflects her interest in the effect of video on visual perception. Her artworks often feature images that have been blurred or fragmented.


Caroline Hall’s paintings celebrate the rush of modern life and the forces of nature.  She captures landscapes seen flying past the window of trains and cars and she celebrates the power of a wave by echoing its movement with her own gestural energy. The tube journey series has been shown all over the UK, including Liberty of London, and we are delighted to be able to offer the final three paintings that remain in the collection.