Emma Tweedie

Emma Tweedie is an Irish artist with a practice now based in London. She creates semi-autobiographical pieces of work that are realised through coastal and landscape responses as a direct result of having grown up in Northern Ireland. The finished results are often contemporary and dynamic but all based within the landscape or seascapes of her native homeland. The palette of colours Emma works with very much reflects local areas, and she uses all manner of medium in her 'artist’s toolkit'; everything from Irish linen, to recycled paper, claypaint, watercolour, acrylics, inks, pencil, pastel and translucent and metal leaf mediums.


Land : LAHY is a series of abstracted landscapes that captures the changing light as it evolves over a two-hour period. By exploring the symmetry in each scene, a new feel for the light quality can be captured

Land'E'Scapes is a series of semi-autobiographical landscapes which look to the past. Lost stories are captured between layers of irish linen, balancing history with emotion.

I never realised until later in my painting career how many of my influences come from the past. From the colour palette I use, to the materials used and mark-making, the legacy impact of having grown up amidst intensely beautiful landscapes surrounded by a crumbling city are prevalent in my work. These artistic expressions house complex ideas carefully concealed within deep layers of mixed media. My work provides an escape, a connection point with the past but with a contemporary approach.