Betty Mariani

Betty Mariani (b. France 1993) is a self-taught artist working primarily in painting. Initially inspired by street art and abstract expressionism, Mariani has over time developed a unique personal style, defined by spontaneity, instinct and movement. After painting her subjects, Mariani reworks the paint with her bare hands, creating lively, almost brutal paintings in which the image is completely deconstructed. 

Mariani finds her subjects in pop culture and history. Her first series of works was inspired by the world of rap and featured French rappers. Recently, Mariani has been working on two new series. The first continues her long-standing interest in Abstract Expresisonism, exploring its language and legacy. The second, title Ladies Portraits, is centred on the image of the moden woman, who the artist presents as confident, strong, and inspiring.


Mariani has been exhibiting since 2016. In 2017, she was selected to participate in the Dior Lady Art #2 collection, to create a unique bag for Maison Dior – part of a unique artistic collaboration between the fashion house and 10 international artists in including Lee Bull and John Giorno.