Lisa Sharpe


Lisa Sharpe (b. 1963) is a British artist who has been involved in the world of Art and Design for over three decades: an award-winning silk shoe designer in her twenties, she went on to study art and work for several art galleries. In 2006, Sharpe set up as an independent contemporary art dealer and, since 2013, spends the majority of her time writing and painting in her Hampshire studio.


A constant theme, which runs through all of Sharpe's work, is vibrational energy: this emphasis on energy and vibrational frequencies informs all of her work.  


"I am totally fascinated by the energetic vibrations we create and transmit through our thoughts and words, which, like radio signals, are sent out from our energy fields and received not only by those in our immediate vicinity, but by the Universe as a whole, where they are then absorbed, expanded and bounced back to us.


It is my intention to add good energy into the world by consciously creating from a place of inner alignment: to create authentic, nurturing and uplifting artworks."


Sharpe's rounded bottle sculptures are about making what's not physical, physical: they are a deeper exploration of her desire to create, capture and tap into the energy of good vibrations. By focusing on good-feeling emotions such as love, peace, joy, courage, passion and vitality, she gives focus and attention to the sort of energy that lifts us up and makes us feel good.



Her symbolic use of the rounded bottle is multi-faceted:

  • It offers us sustenance – strength and nourishment when we need it most
  • It represents us in our physical form – how we are vessels with the ability to create, hold, expand and share the vibrational energy of our choosing
  • Its rounded shape represents an expansive and abundant supply available to us all


Sharpe's use of high vibrational paints from Switzerland, and the addition of a personalised blend of British Wildflower essence to uplift the senses and balance the chakras, add another dimension to her artworks. She gives prominence to the essence of each bottle by hand-gilding her handwriting in 22 carat gold and she then places gemstones relevant to each artwork in the back of each sculpture.


"I believe that art should be about pleasure and the senses: it should touch your soul and stir something inside you, always giving you something back... Through the medium of paint, colour has the ability to create its own visual language: a language, which, like music, bypasses the mind and connects directly to the soul - it is this language of emotions and connection which I am trying to speak..."