Gallery Elena Shchukina, 28 January - 5 March 2016

Perish Lens brings together recent photographic works by Allan Forsyth, Christoffer Joergensen, and Seung-Hwan Oh, presented by Gallery Elena Shchukina from 28 January–5 March. The exhibition focuses on the idea of disintegration, both in the subjects encountered – memento mori compositions, broken bulbs, faces disappearing into the film – but also in the deconstruction of the photographic medium.


Included in the exhibition are three photograms by London-based artist Allan Forsyth; images created without the use of a camera, but rather by placing objects onto light-sensitive material and exposing this to light, a Victorian technique that leaves only shadows of the subject behind. The exhibition simultaneously includes one of Forsyth's innovative 'lenticulars', 3D moving-portraits created by placing hyper-realistic prints behind a motion lens.


Christoffer Joergensen's mesh-collages also subvert photographic tradition; each work is a juxtaposition of two different prints, manually cut into thin strips and then spliced together anew, offering fragmented visions of faces and faraway landscapes.


This theme of disintegration underpins the work of Seung-Hwan Oh, whose photographic film is bathed in water and homegrown bacteria for an extended period, allowing for the distortion of his subjects, eroded by time and nature.


Perish Lens unites these artists in their experimentation with the limits of photography; in their engagement with expressions of disintegration, we may trace new beginnings.