Lulwa Al-Khalifa is a self taught painter who has never had any formal instruction in art.


She earned a BA from Boston University in Literature, which helped her form her outlook on creative pursuits as a whole. She works primarily with oil paints and her paintings are characterised by their bold and vibrant colours. 


Al-Khalifa creates movement in her works achieved through her textured brush strokes and the manipulation of the paint on her canvas. Her artistic interests were cultivated by a childhood where was encouraged to appreciate art in all its forms.


Al-Khalifa has exhibited locally in Bahrain as well as internationally, in London, New York and Miami.


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Artist's Statement

"I have never had a formal education in art, but I have always had a deep passion for it. My love of art was ignited by my father, who made too much of a fuss over my ballerina drawings. He made me believe in my creativity and appreciate creativity in others. As a child, I remember being bored out of my mind bouncing from one museum to the next. I now appreciate how those museums helped embed an artistic interest in me from a very young age that penetrated my childish boredom and flourished in adulthood.


I like many styles and disciplines of art, however my work is mostly abstract. I usually paint 'alla prima' (wet-on-wet) and my paintings are always oil on canvas. I love the texture and vibrant colours of oil paint and I love how you can't always predict how a stroke will translate on a canvas.


I am inspired by everything, including music, a thought, a feeling, a debate, other art, literally anything. I can't really predict what the impetus for the next painting will be, as it just happens and then I paint.


I try not to overthink my process and I paint what I feel when I'm facing the canvas, usually with some random song repeating in my head. I'm not too hard on myself and I usually go with my first instinct about a painting, because if I fiddle with it too much, I ruin it. I don't bog myself down with too many expectations when it comes to my work, if it's good, then great, but if it isn't, I can always paint over it and start again."


Lulwa Al-Khalifa