Mukesh Shah (b.1959 Aden, Yemen) was educated at Eton and Cambridge. He is based in Dubai having lived in London until 2012.


Shah's practice is an exploration of inner landscapes. He is drawn to an abstract geometry of repetition and controlled chance. Materials such as paper, cardboard and gauze are often integral to the compositions, adding an organic textural and tactile dimension. Whatever eclectic visual language is used the objective is to discover an inevitable simplicity in each piece.


The resulting works may be still and detached or observing a changing world, reflecting different states of consciousness.

Artist's Statement

"My practice is an innate response to change and the narratives that impact me.


Abstraction that is contemplative and detached but also human seems more relevant than ever; I am drawn to the space where figuration dissolves into abstraction. My compositions often have a geometric structure with space, repetition and chance as keynotes.


The process of making is important in itself and the use of different materials adds a tactile textural physicality to the work."


Mukesh Shah


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