Terry Beard is an abstract and mixed media artist, who works predominantly in acrylics, screen-printing and collage.


Born in Canada, Beard spent her childhood in Canada, Ireland and Uganda, where she developed an interest in drawing and painting. After moving to the UK, she pursued an education in textile design and spent several years as a textile designer and illustrator, as well as teaching in schools, adult education and the Prison Service.


Beard's work explores colour and mark-making, and the ways in which colour relationships can create a sense of depth, form and movement. Although influenced by urban and rural landscapes, the work remains ambiguous, and non-representational. Her series Changing Luminosity was inspired by the play of light in the urban landscape - the flickering reflection of colourful fairground lights on rain washed surfaces, or the stark contrast of moving traffic lights, bouncing on windows and buildings, against the night sky.


Beard's The Unnatural State, selected for PROJECT 2017, is a study of the decay and dilapidation of industrial and agricultural buildings, attempting to capture these irreversible changes before the structures' inevitable collapse.


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Artist's Statement

"I have always been inspired by a diverse mix of artists including Patrick Caulfield, Albert Irvin, Rothko, Patrick Heron, Barnett Newman, Gerhard Richter and Robert Rauschenberg.


Everything around me from remembered, fleeting glimpses right up to things I saw yesterday have influenced me. They could be landscape, flowers, architecture, water, lights, a particular colour combination, a feeling.


I am not interested in making obviously representational images; instead I attempt to translate what I see into what I feel. In doing so, I always aim to capture a sense of depth and form using abstract elements such as colour, colour relationships, texture, mark-making and composition. I like to develop structure within a painting, contrasting it with freer bands of colour, tone and texture.


As Mark Rothko was heard saying: 'A painting is not about an experience, it is an experience'."


Terry Beard