Lindsay Terhorst North is a mixed media painter and installation artist, who explores personal issues of identity, change, displacement and value.


The Alignment series is Terhorst North's increasingly more abstract, reductive approach to painting. Aiming for simplicity allows her to say very little, yet convey so much more. The brushstrokes are full of intent; they are purposeful and controlled. Long gone are the rough surfaces of the past. They now display precision, skill and above all, discipline, a painterly embodiment of the artist's evolving sense of self.


Each of the paintings in the series echoes Terhorst North's progress on her journey of personal evolution. Her first move from figurative painting was the result of an initial, conscious decision to strip back. The aim? Abstraction at its purest! As each work progressed, she found the painting process itself therapeutic, akin to meditation.


Created by painting in long, slow, brushstrokes, building the many layers, Terhorst North's Alignment paintings reveal a transformative shift in perspective, the resolution, through restraint, of inner tensions.


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Artist's Statement

"I have always been drawn to trees because I identify with how they weather the elements. Their marks of life are external and visible yet equally internal and hidden. As a result, I would expose my canvasses to layers and layers of oil and ink to represent our own life experiences through time.


There has always been tension between the raw and expressive mark making versus my more painstakingly applied brushstrokes. But, as I have grown and developed I have come to terms with my own experiences. As such, my new series of work reveals a gradual, transformative shift in perspective.


As I sought to resolve my own issues of disillusionment, recklessness and release, I found myself refining my own style of painting with hidden messages and secret elements. The tension between conformity and rebellion became less evident as I conquered this discipline of restraint; it was in sync with my own developing sensibilities. And, from my time on an Old Masters' course in Paris, even the process of mixing the paints and the layering of the oils added the depth, richness and calmness I pursued. As I advanced along this road I was overwhelmed by the sheer stillness that encircled me."


Lindsay Terhorst North